You can’t talk to the President like that – Shatta to Sarkodie


A day after Sarkodie posted that he wanted to meet the President to discuss the economy with him, Shatta Wale has responded.
In a tweet he called Sarkodie ‘fake citizen’.

In another post he asked Sarkodie to stop being full of himself and admit that he is broke, adding that it was wrong for him to have communicated to the President in the manner he did.

“Mr president sarkodie says you have not done anything for Ghana and you don’t know how to rule .. Please he says he is doing a diss track for you and your government..what the hell .Don’t forget!!,” he tweeted.

“Foolish boy, Do you think you can talk to the president of Ghana and his leaders like that becuz u be finance minister ha, stop bragging and tell your fans you are broke and now u need government officials to invite u home for some change! You no get shishi,” he added

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